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Leonardo Lombardini

Lombardini, Leonardo
Leonardo Lombardini
Associate Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences

Leonardo Lombardini received his Laurea degree (equivalent to B.S. + M.S.) in Forestry from the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy, in 1993, and his Ph.D. in Horticulture from Michigan State University in 1999. From 1999 until 2002, he held a postdoctoral position at the Washington State University, Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee. In 2002, he joined the faculty of the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, as horticulturist/pecan physiologist.

Dr. Lombardini’s research focus is plant physiology, especially in relation to gas exchange and environmental stress, with particular emphasis to pecan [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch]. In addition, he is interested in investigating the nutritional aspects of pecans and their properties in relationship to human health. Dr. Lombardini teaches the following courses: Hort Learning Community (HORT 225), Nut Culture (HORT 418), International Horticulture (HORT 440, on campus and as a Study Abroad in Italy), Applied Physiology of Horticultural Crops (HORT 604), and molecular and Physiological Basis for Plant Stress Responses (HORT 610). Dr. Lombardini is also the Job and Internship Coordinator for the Department of Horticultural Sciences.