VIC Kids

NOTE: Regretfully, due to budget and facility constraints, the VFIC Kids Program has been discontinued. Please contact with queries concerning re-establishing the program.

The VIC Kids program was established in the summer of 1998. In the beginning, our focus was to teach children of the importance of research and the difference research makes in the vegetable and fruit industry. Our program included an interactive presentation and a lab tour in order for kids to observe our research methods first hand. As our program has matured, our focus has broadened to not only include teaching kids the importance of research, but also that they should take responsibility for their diet by eating fruits and vegetables everyday.

The VIC Kids program is…

  •  Versatile. The VIC Kids program can accommodate small or large groups and is suitable for children of all ages. If necessary VIC Kids Instructors can travel to your location.
  •  High Tech. VIC Kids is held in a state-of-the-art multimedia digital videoconferencing classroom.
  •  Educational. The program is composed of interactive presentations, demonstrations, lab tours, games, and other educational activities.
  •  Fun! Children are rewarded for their participation in activities with various prizes donated by our sponsors. Children receive fun activities, educational materials, and even a certificate of completion of the program. Children leave the Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center with a better understanding of our research and the skills to maintain a healthy diet.

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