Outreach and Education


The Center is available for tours of all ages and sizes. Educational tours for school-aged children and adult tours of up to 25 people can be set up by contacting our office at 979-862-4521.


Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

  • Science of Foods for Health
  • SFFH will cover basic knowledge of foods for health. The course will cover basic and applied aspects of foods for health ranging from framework, evolution and policy decisions which are applicable to bioactive compounds. The course will also emphasize the structure-function relationship, evidence based justification of disease prevention, modulators of bioactivity.
  • Phytochemicals in Fruits and Vegetables to Improve Health
  • The multi-state multidisciplinary course covers nutrition, biologically active compounds, optimizing bioactive compounds through agricultural practices, and disease prevention. This unique opportunity serves as a forum for national discussion between participating students, as well as the chance to be involved in a groundbreaking educational concept.

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