Custom Onion Testing

Custom Sweet Onion Test

The Vegetable & Fruit Improvement Center at Texas A&M University offers custom onion pungency test services* to onion growers, shippers, importers, grocery chains, and other interested parties. Backed by 30 years experience in onion breeding and 20 years in onion pungency research, we provide reliable and accurate analysis.

Testing Procedure

  • Automated analysis using a modified Schimmer and Weston method.
  • Fast and accurate – most reports within three working days.
  • More consistent than a press method – we blend whole onions after removing the neck and bottom to extract the juice



$40.00 per bulb. Minimum 10 bulbs per analysis sample. VFIC Members (excluding Friends of the Center) receive a discount of up to 20% for onion analysis.

*Our center also conducts custom phytochemical analysis of fruits and vegetables (carotenoids, limonoids, sugars, flavonoids, vitamin C, capsaicin, etc.)

VFIC Logo - Transparent

VFIC Logo – Transparent


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