Phytochemicals in Fruits and Vegetables to Improve Human Health

TAMU-HORT 640        OSU-FST 694
  • Unique Course for Graduate Students interested in human health
  • Taught by 19 leading researchers
  • “Social learning” through interactive web discussions

First of-its-kind course in the nation taught by multi-disciplinary and multi-state experts in the area of health promoting molecules known as “phytochemicals.

Why do I need to take this course?  This course provides a platform to gain knowledge on the health benefits of phytochemicals in order to enhance the nutritional quality of life.  During each class, the nation’s leading scientists lecture and lead the discussion.  This course will broaden your horizons on the cutting edge research on phytochemicals involving topics such as plant breeding, human clinical studies and analytical chemistry.  You can also interact with students from six different institutions and universities.

What will be covered in the course?

  • Case studies of fruits and vegetables and their role in human health: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Antioxidant health benefits of phytochemicals: in vitro and in vivo evidences.
  • Strategies to optimize phytochemicals: plant breeding, pre and postharvest practices
  • Challenges for human studies with foods and phytochemicals
  • Understand the biological activities

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